National Shakespeare Day
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If we can have special days ‘created’ solely for marketing purposes - Mother's Day [not Mothering Sunday] for example, was originally conceived in America as a call to unite women against war; but now it is simply a commercial celebration of motherhood thanking mothers for their custom, similarly, Father’s Day – 

Why not a celebration of the Bard day to whom we all owe an enormous debt and to whom tributes well overdue?

National Shakespeare Day will provide an annual focus for Shakespeare activities aimed at all ages and sections of society through educational, theatrical and general events and publicity to demonstrate that Shakespeare really does belong to all of us. 

As with the Greek playwrights, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes, the bard’s dramas move deeply into the human psyche. 

The Works of Shakespeare portray all the seven archetypal plots: 

Henry V typifies ‘the quest’; 

The Tempest ‘voyage and return’; 

Twelfth Night ‘rags to riches’; 

As You Like It ‘comedy’; 

The Winter’s Tale ‘rebirth and redemption’; 

Hamlet ‘true tragedy’. 

Richard 111 ‘killing the monster’.